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Pii Digital Agency vs In House Digital Marketing!

17 May 2018

A deliberation of pros and cons, Pii Digital debates about keeping your marketing in-house versus outsourcing to a digital marketing agency.

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The debate around keeping your marketing in-house versus outsourcing this function to a digital marketing agency is an age-old deliberation of various pros and cons. Of the two, which option ensures a high standard of roll out, executed by a team of experienced and proficient specialists, empowered and equipped to make use of the most current and innovative techniques, technology and software?

Committed to ensuring that brands make informed decisions based on their specific needs and that the ultimate in marketing objectives and branding pursuits are met, Pii Digital unpacks the benefits of outsourcing your marketing function to a digital agency, as well as some of the pros and cons of keeping it in-house.

Having earned a reputation for exceptional digital and strategic know-how, Pii Digital Digital Agency prides itself on creating objective driven experiences that are common sense, insightful and innovative.

Areas of expertise include:

Where the benefits of outsourcing your marketing function to a digital agency are far reaching, lets discuss how companies can be at an advantage by having their marketing managed by specialist outsourced teams, dedicated to high-quality execution and roll out.

  • Obliged to keep abreast of the latest techniques, technology, software, trends and training, by outsourcing your marketing function to a dedicated digital agency, you can be assured that your marketing projects will be implemented in the most innovative and pioneering way available.
  • With a specialist approach, digital agencies co-ordinate teams made up of the “best in the business” whereby topic experts collectively contribute to unique projects.
  • Equipped with diversity and creative manpower, digital agencies apply their authority and teams are assembled to brainstorm various marketing tactics, tapping into exclusive campaigns, distinctive and matchless in nature.
  • Accountable, committed and hungry for success, digital agencies that have been tasked to prepare campaigns and effectively roll out new projects are responsible for their behaviours, objective in their approach, willing to perform and competitive by nature.
  • With a broad scope of various different industries, experiences, trials and errors, digital agencies are practiced in both success and failure and are more adept in identifying opportunities, strengths and unique selling points (USP’s).

Although biased towards outsourcing this highly specialised function to a team of trained professionals, we now look at some of the pros and cons to keeping your marking function in-house.

  • Although sourcing talent and assembling the ideal marketing team may take exhaustive measures, once an effective team has been rallied, in-house resources are assets to any business.
  • While in-house teams contribute directly to the benefit of the business, internal teams will require an ongoing investment in their training and development, ensuring that their skill and experience remains relevant and up to date to market advancements.
  • Monitored internally, dedicated to one brand and available full time, internal management teams are accountable for failure (and success), creative execution may become stale or repetitive and highly specialized or project specific skill-sets may be short of work in-between projects.
  • While brand rapport and an acute understanding of the target audience and industry takes time and devoted attention often best achieved in-house, the agility and collaborative capacity of outsourced teams can expedite this often lengthy process.

Best known for digital, mobile, social, search engine marketing, data analytics and content marketing, Pii Digital are also experienced in virtual & immersive technologies, kick-ass creative, rich media development & multi-platform UX.


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