Social Media and Content

Social Media and Content

It’s no lie that the single most important component to a successful online presence is a brand’s ability to engage in meaningful conversations, that are truthful, transparent and damn well interesting.


Pii Digital has a very clear understanding of the nature of great content as well as & the impact of an effective social media presence and management. All our social media efforts will also have KPI’s and objectives defined not only in growth but activity, engagement, interaction, advocacy and traffic to website and mobile app.


We will clearly define response and engagement protocols, along with the editorial roadmaps and editorial plans that are both planned and ad-hoc.


Pii Digital creates and delivers content that works on specific platforms and to which target audiences will be consuming it. This includes crafting conversations on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Instagram and Blogs.

Some of the key steps in our process:


Development of Social media Engagement and content strategy • Identifying the brand voice and purpose on social media • Establishment of a social protocol with regards to community interaction


Develop and Editorial roadmap to earmark and identify key social content focuses and content • Develop monthly Editorial content aligned to different verticals within the brand. • Create regular hashtags and create specific sets to relate to specific content or activities on social media platforms

Manage Relevance

Influencer outreach and identification • Event Coverage and Exposure • Each platforms need tailored content to be effective and relevant


Develop and grow and engaged interactive community and drive them to other digital assets and vice versa • Community Management and Social Online Reputation Management • Complete the SEO footprint through keyword enriched social media posts

Social Media Training

Take control of your brand in the online social media space, with Kingly’s bespoke training sessions for individuals or teams. A hands on, integrated learning approach to social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn – will guide you through the basics to the advanced, reaching you and your team in a fun and engaging way.


Each social media training session is adapted to client request and designed using the following three guiding principles:

  • Engage the audience and create excitement for the learning material
  • Create relevance to the content for the trainee
  • Equip the user with knowledge on social media
  • Apply the learning material practically


A brief digital guidebook accompanies each training session*, with follow up sessions, refresher courses or deep dives available on request.

*On request.


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