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Case Study


From the case study, we have architected a potential solution and estimated the monthly cost for each of the big 3 cloud platform providers, AWS, Azure and GCP. Each platform’s service specifications and assumptions were made as closely as possible, in order for the 3 platforms to be fairly compared. Following the costing done, for this particular case study we can see that AWS is the most cost-effective platform at USD 125.07 per month, with GCP as a close second at USD 200.97 per month and Azure being the least cost-effective platform out of the three costing about USD 247.49 per month.


The Eastern Cape Parks and Tourism Agency strives to be the destination of choice for leisure and niche tourism travel as well as improving visitor services and information for all travelers and locals, and with this in mind a new website was needed.


Pii Digital recently launched the brand new redesigned and redeveloped University of the Western Cape website after we were selected as the preferred service provider during a long and in-depth process with the evaluation committee.


With the intent to bolster a culture of local, domestic and international travel to the province of KwaZulu-Natal, in October 2017  Pii Digital in collaboration with Tourism KwaZulu-Natal embarked on a journey to remind locals and visitors to the province, that “Tourism is fun”!


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