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Case Study

Cloud Platforms Final Review

Case Study Part 3: Final Review

From the case study, we have architected a potential solution and estimated the monthly cost for each of the big 3 cloud platform providers, AWS, Azure and GCP. Each platform’s service specifications and assumptions were made as closely as possible, in order for the 3 platforms to be fairly compared. Following the costing done, for this particular case study we can see that AWS is the most cost-effective platform at USD 125.07 per month, with GCP as a close second at USD 200.97 per month and Azure being the least cost-effective platform out of the three costing about USD 247.49 per month.

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TKZN – Social Media #DOKZN Case Study

With the intent to bolster a culture of local, domestic and international travel to the province of KwaZulu-Natal, in October 2017  Pii Digital in collaboration with Tourism KwaZulu-Natal embarked on a journey to remind locals and visitors to the province, that “Tourism is fun”!

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