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The overall digital marketing scope requires not only digital marketing and social strategy approach and implementation but also moves across to development, project management & infrastructure approaches. The below details all our processes in detail.


Pii Digital employs a proprietary  approach that to digital marketing strategy that looks at data, channels and online segmentation to formulate the best next move for our clients.


Ultimately it’s about using best practice online analytic techniques to get more value from your brands investments in digital marketing tactics.


With the overall digital channel strategy developed that includes social, content, search engine and media components we will look to further define the smaller strategies within these areas for your brand – that fits into the overall deliverables and framework defined by the digital strategy.

Here are some key details on our approaches:

Content strategy

Detailing the content development and curation approach aligned to your brand voice, tonality, purpose of content, visibility of content, channel dissemination, marketing and calendar alignment as well as the other objectives defined in the digital strategy.


Pii Digital will endeavor to create content aligned to our approved approach both to achieve digital strategy KPIs and content goals.

Search Engine Marketing Strategy

Using the available data, search patterns and the content on your digital platforms, we look at why and how people are finding your brand online or the big volume searches that you should be found for and are not. This is where we look to optimize our content and platforms including all relevant keyword and user targeting to start generating the visibility and relevant traffic for you.

Online Media Strategy

With the ground work performed within the Social Media strategy as well as the Search Engine Marketing Strategy and the specific goals set with the main digital strategy – these goals are for specific growth, engagement and reach of your brand.


The media strategy and planning becomes a natural flow of what works and what does not in terms of the data we have accumulated for search volume, targeting, segmentation, communication and timing. We will use the terms and traffic data to generate best placement and ad scenarios that will maximize exposure and minimize cost per click on all ads. This includes Pay per click(PPC) ad-words, Display and re-marketing advertising, social media placement as well as all other digital inventory sites.


With close ties to Google SA marketing itself we will ensure that your brand receives premium service and innovation from Google as part of our service agreement.

Social media strategy

Pii Digital will define the relevant communication per social media platform including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube and Instagram. The tonality, purpose, content form as well as appropriate placement of different social content sets are defined within the content strategy.


Content vs platform relevance for social media is critical to maximize engagement and interaction. Each of your platforms have a critical role in managing different target audiences with the right content appropriated for them.


We will also define your relevant influencers and create an outreach plan to maximize organic growth through influencer engagement – this is a critical aspect of gaining online credibility and advocacy through leveraging their networks to promote our communication goals.


  • Development & Tech, Search Engine Marketing & SEO, Social & Content, Strategy, UX, UI & Design
  • Development & Tech, Search Engine Marketing & SEO, Social & Content, Strategy, UX, UI & Design
  • Development & Tech, Search Engine Marketing & SEO, Strategy, UX, UI & Design
  • Development & Tech, Search Engine Marketing & SEO, Social & Content, Strategy, UX, UI & Design

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