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Web Development Languages

Web Development Languages You Need To Know

There are an extensive number of programming languages that are currently available for web development. We are going to take a look at a few of the most popular languages for developing mobile and web applications, including Javascript, Python and PHP.

Javascript is a well-known programming language that can be used for both frontend and backend web development. It uses a platform called node.js as a runtime environment to build scalable client-side and server-side applications. Python is another versatile and popular programming language that can be used to build a variety of applications. Python has many use cases from machine learning to web development, using its object-orientated programming framework. PHP, on the other hand, is a server-side web development language that is popular in its ability to provide dynamic content on websites, retrieve information from users, manage cookies and build out fully functional web applications. PHP can be easily integrated with well-known databases including MySQL, PostgreSQL and even Oracle and uses powerful frameworks that can allow developers to quickly and effectively build web applications.

One of the key strengths of Javascript when compared to PHP and Python, is its full stack technology offering with React and Angular.js frameworks being used for the frontend and node.js for the backend, all using Javascript as its foundational coding language. PHP, however, is regarded as one of the best programming languages for web development as it’s easier to learn than Javascript and there is a larger support community since it’s been around for longer than both Javascript and Python. One of the key features of PHP is its built-in functions that are readily available to make it easier to code, however, this does not stop a developer from creating their own functions where necessary. A strongpoint of Python is its versatility which makes it a must-learn language for developers, even for web development. Python uses various frameworks to build and deploy web and even full stack applications quickly and with ease.

Some of the drawbacks of using Python for web development include it’s relatively slow performance compared to Javascript and PHP, its limited multithreading capabilities which can make it difficult to run multiple instances of dynamic content simultaneously, and it’s limitations with regards to mobile development. Taking a look at Javascript, some of its drawbacks include its steeper learning curve when compared to Python and PHP. Javascript uses asynchronous functions which can make some functionalities more difficult to perform, including error handling, and can result in unpredictable response times. However, asynchronous functions can allow for code to run without any dependencies on previously executed code. Some of the drawbacks of PHP is that unlike Javascript, it is not a full stack technology offering, therefore developers are required to learn various syntaxes to develop a full stack web application. PHP is also synchronous, which can make it slower than Javascript, but allows for more stability and predictable runtimes.

It is evident that there are various benefits and drawbacks to each web development language. You have to choose the programming language that is best suited to your business use-case and the web development projects that you are undertaking in your organization. Through understanding your requirements, you can choose which of three popular scripting languages between Javascript, PHP and Python will help your business deliver successful web development projects in a cost-effective, high-performing and innovative way.

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