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Shaping The Way We Interact With The Latest UI & UX Trends

17 May 2018

With a growing number of technological advancements, Pii Digital examines the latest trends that shape the way we interact with UI and UX design.

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Following a year of pioneering innovation and a number of technological advancements, Pii Digital examines the latest trends that shape the way we interact with UI and UX design.

From content driven design, to relooking usability to cater specifically to “Generation Z”, virtual assistance, borderless and immersive experiences and incorporating inclusive and accessible principles, user experience designs continue to evolve, commanding a progressive approach to the way in which we roll out new and state-of-the-art user interface designs.

Following in the footsteps of the likes of Microsoft and Google we continue to pursue the perfect UI design that caters to the needs of as many users as possible. Through inclusive and accessible designs and tapping into leading trends while referencing the trials and errors learnt from times since past, today we hope to make user interface design and user experience as comfortable for as many users as possible, catering to the various needs and different conditions under which users access information.

Simple UI and UX tactics that are influencing the success of more recent designs include:

  • Clean, sharp layouts that are clear of animations, extravagant outlines, flashing interfaces and that offer ease of accessibility. While the allure to overexert design elements and page layouts for the sake of experimentation might be appealing, always keep in mind the need of the user and their usability objectives when rolling out a new user interface.
  • While your target audience and customer has a “type”, always keep in mind the broad range of people, their level of experience and the various ways in which they will browse your build. Be mindful of diversity and accept that although you may have a perfect picture of who your customer (and visitor) might be, needs, ability and accessibility vary and your main objective is to reach and engage with as many prospective clients as possible, through a seamless user experience.
  • Test, test and test again! The last leg of every build project and always the step to get the least bit of attention, test your build. To ensure that your design is as inclusive as it can be, get as many users from diverse backgrounds and on a number of different devices and platforms to test your design.
  • As diverse as your customer range, so should your design team be. Employ the skills of various levels of designers, empowering junior team members to challenge the status quo while encouraging more senior builders to look at new projects from various different angels. The more diverse your team the greater the success in creating an inclusive and accessible design.
  • Up and coming trends that agencies and designers will need to get accustomed to in order to stay relevant include: Experimenting with facial recognition API’s, don’t discount the growing opportunities that augmented reality presents, learn as much as you can as quickly as possible about Gen Z’s and start looking into ways of ensuring that the quality of your content is as prevalent as your design elements are.
  • Combine minimalistic user interface designs with linear journey or user flows that will ultimately see the user reach the end goal regardless of the journey they follow in order to get there.
  • Immersive, full-screen, edgeless designs replace past user experience design approaches, resulting in easily scrollable one page web sites that cater to the ideal user interface design.

While trends and technology continue to alter the way in which we present brands, products and promises to the marketplace, underpinned by the latest tech and hottest trends is an ever evolving arena of customers each looking to satisfy their consumer goals. Increasing the accessibility of information and acquisition by addressing usability and customer journeys we are better equipped to progress alongside the changing needs of customer UX.


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