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Investing In Your Companies Future With SEO

Okay so you’ve done everything possible to make your website interesting, information loaded, visually pleasing and a good user experience for potential customers, although you’re wondering why your organic traffic isn’t great? Well, you need to take into consideration that there are TONS of websites that offer what you’re offering, therefore your website is drowning in between all of the other similar websites within the search engine. To single your website out from the rest you need to make use of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).


Search Engine Optimization not only improves a websites searchability and visibility by improving your ranking on a search engine, it does so much more than that.


Here are our top reasons your company should start using SEO today:


1) SEO = Trust & Reliability

When guests are being driven to your website because of good SEO, your company name becomes more familiar, increases organic traffic and eventually leads to visitors leaving reviews, recommending your website to their friends and family, therefore generating even more visitors and creating a reputation of reliability and trust. People cannot get to know and rely on your website if they never come across it.


2) It’s You vs Your Competitors

The higher you rank on search results, the more clicks your website will generate, pushing you above and beyond your competitors. According to research, the first result on a search engine receives about 20.5% of clicks, followed by 13.3% for the second result. That 7.2% makes a huge difference for your company!


3) It’s Super Easy To Monitor

Keeping track of your SEO investment is super easy! Making use of tools such as Google Analytics to keep an eye on your traffic being generated, conversions and referral sources can be very beneficial and informative on whether your marketing spend is successful and is being spent In the right direction.


4) SEO Is Ideal For The Long Run

Unlike PPC and Google Ads, SEO doesn’t stop bringing in traffic when your budget is running low or runs out completely. It is however important to keep up-to-date with SEO best practices, as well as keeping in the loop with new information from Google and SEO experts. To keep your top spot your content needs to be updated and some SEO fixes need to be made periodically to keep that number 1 spot.


A word from our SEO specialist

“Building your online presence is an investment that will benefit your company in the long run and something you will never regret as this type of investment is a gift that keeps on giving”


“Successful SEO is not about tricking google. It’s about partnering with google to provide the best search results for Google’s users…” – Phil Frost


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