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Durban, don’t give up on your companies online presence! Are you looking for a Digital Marketing Agency in Durban with extensive knowledge as well as specialized and wide-ranged experience?

 Are you ready to actually see results and take your companies online presence to another level? With a decade of experience in Digital Marketing. Pii Digital is a trusted provider with passion and motivation, driven to deliver the best possible results in all that we do.

Why us you ask? Well we work around your budget and provide you with guaranteed unprecedented value, each client is treated equally with no corners cut and an undying motivation to reach nothing but greatness and exceed your expectations. 

No job is too difficult or complicated for us and our specialized staff are always ready and up for any challenge.

Dominate SEO and online marketing in Durban or allow us to design and create a unique and impactful website and mobile app that will have you leaving your competitors in the dust in these challenging and trying market conditions. 

Relax and soak up the warm Durban sun while knowing your company is exceeding all expectations online.

Digital, Social and Mobile Strategy

Specialising in differentiated digital solutions, top quality online services and effective digital marketing products can only be determined through the intricate and customised development of result based, highly targeted digital strategies.

UX, UI & Design

Visually appealing, streamlined and strategically optimised to guide online and mobile users on an instinctual pathway to result-focussed outcomes, Pii Digital UX and UI development strategies maintain the intricate balance between UI and UX research, analysis, design and application.

Development & Technology

With a proven track record in technique and best practice, embracing Accelerated Mobile Page protocols and developing bespoke responsive web designs that incorporate swift and seamless performance technologies, Pii Digital brings with it over a decade of in-house development and coding engineering expertise. Included in our complement of web development services Pii Digital offers the ultimate in design and performance WordPress services and specialised eCommerce coding.

Social & Content

Scanned, skimmed or read in the greatest of detail, optimised content creation addresses the endless digital demand for fast, consumable and accurate delivery of online information.


Aligned to all major search engine compliances while delivering competitive results, our Search Engine Marketing & SEO techniques advance online visibility with bespoke SEO approaches.

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