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As customer service and support becomes more and more important, companies are having to come up with new ideas to keep their customers happy and to respond to their requests or questions as soon and as conveniently as possible. Cue Chatbots - as messaging apps become a popular communication channel, businesses have started using Chatbots to interact with their customers and their employees.


Picture this - a robot or machine that can tidy your clothes cupboard JUST the way you like it, or serve every member of your house their ideal beverage specific to them, how awesome is that?! This would make your life so much easier right? Well, these are products of Artificial intelligence (AI).


Which frontend framework should you be looking at in 2021? With many options and opinions available, today we’re taking a look at the two front runners, two words you may be hearing quite frequently - Angular vs React, whats the verdict? Let’s break it down, compare the two and find out!


SQL - it’s like the database whisperer! Back in the day companies stored their records and documents in file cabinets, for large businesses this meant tons and tons of filing cabinets to accommodate all the documents. Now days we have the luxury of storing data in digital databases, although finding information within these digitised databases is not as simple as opening a filing cabinet drawer. For searching databases, Structured Query Language plays a massively important role!


In our last blog we discussed the importance of BigQuery and BigQuery ML, in order to fully understand the importance and usefulness of this, we need to introduce you to Tensorflow. Tensorflow is an inventive open-source software application, also developed by Google, which can be used to build and train Machine Learning (ML) models. We learned a bit about ML in our BigQuery blog, although now we’ll dig a bit deeper! Tensorflow is innovative in that it can make the process of gathering data, training models, evaluating and refining models, easier and quicker, here’s what you need to know!


Analytics have become such an important aspect in your companies online success, it’s imperative to know how your company is performing in the digital world. Which includes measuring your online success from the total number of users on your website, to how long your users spent on your website and which pages they were most interested in, as well as which channel they used to get to your site. Which in the long run is all instrumental in the ongoing success of your company.


In order to have an in-depth understanding of our next blogs about Tensorflow and BigQuery, it’s important to understand the concept of Machine learning (ML). Machine Learning is a well-known branch of artificial intelligence (AI) (We’ve got an AI article coming your way soon!) that involves deriving meaning from data that is readily available. When we say data, it can refer to text, image, videos as well as speech, and can be analysed to make life a ton easier for you by making observations, predictions and identifying certain trends. While It is possible for humans to interpret data and come to relevant conclusions, the volume of data that is currently produced on a daily basis can make it can become nearly impossible for humans to analyse data and come to sound conclusions in a short period of time. This is why ML is the new go-to and plays such a vital role!


Pii Digital recently took on the redesign and redevelopment of the Eastern Cape Parks & Tourism Agency (ECPTA) website, which commenced at the end of 2019 and was launched in 2020. The Eastern Cape Parks and Tourism Agency strives to be the destination of choice for leisure & niche tourism travel as well as improving visitor services and information for all travellers and locals. Pii Digital was chosen as ECPTA’s preferred service provider after discussions and elimination phases conducted by their election & evaluation committee.


Pii Digital recently launched the brand new redesigned and redeveloped University of the Western Cape website after we were selected as the preferred service provider during a long and in-depth process with the evaluation committee. With over 1900 pages of content and over 700 disparate pages – which in some cases comprised of several non-functioning pages on the previous UWC website, as well as the website being very outdated in terms of user experience and user interface, this was certainly not an easy task to take on, although for us at Pii, this was second nature!


To end off our three part containerised systems series, we’re excited to introduce you to Openshift! Developed by Redhat, it is a computing software used to run containers managed by Kubernetes, therefore perfectly working hand-in-hand to solve your problems.


So we read about Docker in our previous blog and now we’re being introduced to Kubernetes - both of these are amazing tools to make our development lives that much easier, but what makes Kubernetes different and unique? What sets these two apart from each other? Let’s dive in!


We all know the hassle of working with more than one operating system and having the inevitable problem… yes you called it, failure of integration. There is possibly nothing more frustrating than this. In light of the fourth industrial revolution, many companies are expanding their IT infrastructure to support the substantial number of users hitting their servers. Although, just how much infrastructure is a company supposed to add when they can’t predict their scalability? And how costly could this get? It’s a scary thought! This is where the lifesaver, your new best friend, and the innovation that is Docker comes in!


Technology is rapidly developing as the years go by, introducing never before seen technology. It’s extremely important to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in order to keep your business’ head above water in these extremely competitive times.


Okay so you’ve done everything possible to make your website interesting, information loaded, visually pleasing and a good user experience for potential customers, although you’re wondering why your organic traffic isn’t great?


Black Friday is upon us and we’re all excited to jump on the bandwagon and save! Don’t get caught up in the moment and forget about your online safety, Black Friday bogus has become a massive trend in the cyber-criminal world.


A deliberation of pros and cons, Pii Digital debates about keeping your marketing in-house versus outsourcing to a digital marketing agency.


With a growing number of technological advancements, Pii Digital examines the latest trends that shape the way we interact with UI and UX design.


With the intent to bolster a culture of local, domestic and international travel to the province of KwaZulu-Natal, in October 2017  Pii Digital in collaboration with Tourism KwaZulu-Natal embarked on a journey to remind locals and visitors to the province, that “Tourism is fun”!


2017 saw Pii Digital revolutionise the archaic DVD and movie-by-mail SAFTA submission system while seamlessly automating the judging and auditing process using a first of its kind in the world, multi-dimensional, bespoke developed web application.


Just shy of 20 years’ experience in the digital and new media space, I have never been more amped to see more AMP as I am(p) today. And while I deliver a witty play on words just at the right time, it is with a most sincere sense of excitement that I share with you the nextgen dev by way of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP): What, how and why you need to be AMP'd.


There are a number of tell-tale signs that a business is in need of a brand repositioning or to have an update made to its corporate identity with the help of a corporate branding company.


Marketing a SaaS business model and establishing a customer acquisition strategy for Software as a Service is a critical reality for virtual business owners.


In an industry so niche with terms, concepts and implementations so specific, how can you be sure you are gaining as much value from your SEO Agency as possible?