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May 2021

Not everyone know that Google plays a massive part in your websites online presence, and when Google releases algorithm updates, those updates affect your websites ranking. From your page speed to mobile friendliness and your users experience on your website, these are all affected. Google plans on releasing a new algorithm update in mid-June, and this update could very well have a negative effect on your website ranking should you not follow certain steps to keep up-to-date with their latest updates.
“The cloud” has become a buzzword over the years, especially within the business space. So what exactly is it? The cloud is a collection of data centers that are located all over the world. These data centers consist of servers that are accessed by users over the internet, and provide users with access to software and data. The cloud exists through virtualization, which is the process whereby physical computers, otherwise known as virtual machines, are mimicked using software. Many users can interact with these virtual machines at one time, where each virtual machine remains autonomous and doesn't interact with the others.
In a company, it’s extremely important that everyone works together to contribute to constantly bettering the company and customer experiences. A team of data engineers, data scientists and business analysts can work together to extract meaningful insights from raw data that is collected over time. These insights can provide a company with a competitive advantage and assistance in making informed business decisions. Overtime misconceptions have arisen around the roles that data scientists and data engineers play in industry. In many companies, both roles are thought to be interchangeable, however, they are distinctly different. Let’s have a look at the differences!


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