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March 2021

SQL - it’s like the database whisperer! Back in the day companies stored their records and documents in file cabinets, for large businesses this meant tons and tons of filing cabinets to accommodate all the documents. Now days we have the luxury of storing data in digital databases, although finding information within these digitised databases is not as simple as opening a filing cabinet drawer. For searching databases, Structured Query Language plays a massively important role!
In our last blog we discussed the importance of BigQuery and BigQuery ML, in order to fully understand the importance and usefulness of this, we need to introduce you to Tensorflow. Tensorflow is an inventive open-source software application, also developed by Google, which can be used to build and train Machine Learning (ML) models. We learned a bit about ML in our BigQuery blog, although now we’ll dig a bit deeper! Tensorflow is innovative in that it can make the process of gathering data, training models, evaluating and refining models, easier and quicker, here’s what you need to know!
Analytics have become such an important aspect in your company’s online success, it’s imperative to know how your company is performing in the digital world, which includes measuring your online success from the total number of users on your website, to how long your users spent on your website and which pages they were most interested in.
In order to have an in-depth understanding of our next blogs about Tensorflow and BigQuery, it’s important to understand the concept of Machine Learning (ML). Machine Learning is a well-known branch of artificial intelligence (AI) that involves deriving meaning from data that is readily available.
The Eastern Cape Parks and Tourism Agency strives to be the destination of choice for leisure and niche tourism travel as well as improving visitor services and information for all travelers and locals, and with this in mind a new website was needed.
Pii Digital recently launched the brand new redesigned and redeveloped University of the Western Cape website after we were selected as the preferred service provider during a long and in-depth process with the evaluation committee.


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