Brand South Africa (BSA)

About This Project

Pii Digital were tasked with the enormous and complicated task of developing new website system and CMS for BSA. This entailed merging of,, & into one system. With over 1 million visitors a month we had to ensure that the equity and visibility on search was managed for over 40 000 content pages and millions of links on all the sites. Apart from the the large development project, the system needed a significant amount of focus on technical SEO and server design to handle the large amounts of traffic. Our services included:

  • Custom design and developed website  & CMS
  • UI & UX Strategy and Design
  • On Page SEO & technical SEO
  • Hosting and Ongoing server management
Development & Tech, UX, UI & Design
Content Management System, Design, Digital Strategy, Hosting, MySQL, PHP, Responsive Design, SEO, Website, Worpdress